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how to get the most from cv equipment


  1. When using the treadmill for a CV workout, try to have a small incline of about 1-2, this compensates fro the natural resistance that you would have if you were running outdoors.

  2. Run light on the treadmill, face forwards with head up and arms to the side, close to your waistline and at 90 degrees. This is the most efficient way of running. Each step on the treadmill should be light; you’ve seen and heard some people running near you who make a big thump every time their feet land on the belt. If you did this every time, you run the risk of getting very painful ankles and knees and will contribute to joint problems later I life. Running light takes a great deal of practice, but it will be worth it in the end as will extend your running capability.

  3. If you are training for cardio vascular benefits, try short sprints in between the long runs. Sprinting engages more of the fast twitch muscle fibres and improves the CV system.

  4. Whilst running keep your chest high and shoulders up, this helps to breathe better and take in more oxygen. If the ribcage is lifted, it will create more room for the lungs to expand.


  1. Adjust the seat correctly before you begin the workout, having the seat too high or too low, will reduce the benefits. When you stand next to the bike the seat should be about hip height. Once on the bike, at the lowest position of the leg, the knee should be slightly soft (not locked).

  2. Use the foot strap to secure the feet. Position the feet so that the ball of your feet are at the centre of the pedal, this is the most effective position for the calf muscle to exert maximum force against the pedal.

  3. Always use a circular motion to pedal and use the foot straps to pull the pedal up whilst the other one is pushing down. Don’t just push down on the pedals, work on the circular motion.

  4. Work on a range of speed settings and intensities don’t just work at the same rate all the time.


  1. This machine where people tend to hunch forward and bend their back. Stand tall and straight, again with back straight and chest lifted.

  2. Make sure both feet are level, to the front of the pedals and parallel to each other.

  3. Maintain a good posture throughout the exercise so that the waistline remains almost stationary and only the legs do the work.

  4. If you are using the hand bars, maintain a push - pull rhythm throughout, don’t just hold the bars for the sake of holding them. Hold the bars so that your grip is just above your shoulder height. Grip too high and you will be pulled from side to side, grip too low and you won’t be able maintain the push- pull. Your arms should extent through a full range of motion without locking out on the push motion.

To get a rally good workout every time work on the FITT principle, from time to time, increase Frequency, Intensity, Time, and Type.

Please be aware that these tips are designed as a guideline and equipment vary from gym to gym, so if you are unsure of any equipment, ask the personal trainers in your gym. Or Email me at: josh@leanintensive.com

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